About Salubrity

Salubrity is the definition of being “Conducive or favourable to health or well-being”.

Our wellness centre is dedicated to the two most important people in our lives – Hennie Kruger and MD van Aswegen. They were our fathers and played significant roles in our lives. Unfortunately, they both lost their “earthly fight” against sickness and have gone to be with our Heavenly Father. Losing them was, and still is, one of the most difficult things we are dealing with.

Standing next to their death beds and feeling completely helpless, a burning desire started to grow in us to help others avoid situations like these and live life to the fullest, without limitations or illness. We started our search for a solution to help others create healthy bodies without sickness or disease. We believe that people should live long and healthy lives. When they are ready to go “home”, it would be because their time has come, and not because of sickness or health issues that made the choice for them.

Our dream to create a space where people from all walks of life can come and start their own journey to wellness became a reality. This is how we founded Salubrity.

” We believe wholeheartedly that our wellness centre can assist people to live a life of wellness, which will dramatically improve their quality of life.”

The world is literally bombarding our bodies with dirty air, unhealthy foods and water, chemicals, and other harmful substances that we cannot get ahead of. We found that research showed that getting more oxygen into the bloodstream is one of the most effective ways to fight illness and disease. We searched everywhere for wellness ideas. In the end, we realized that if we don’t start with increasing oxygen in the body, we will not win the fight for a healthier lifestyle.

We believe in the saying – “Prevention is better than cure”. This is our dream for everybody that we welcome into our wellness centre – to be the best version of themselves and live a life without limitations by preventing sickness before it happens.

We want to see healthy lifestyles restored in communities, and children that live without sickness. All of us at Salubrity will be honoured to be part of your health and wellness journey.


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