Fat Freezing

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is an elective surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of stubborn fat deposits around the abdomen. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures for people to have a more sculpted body. However, it is surgical in nature, with a long list of drawbacks

Cryo Laser-Lipo is an alternative method to regular liposuction. This process involves freezing fat cells so that these cells can be metabolised naturally by the body.

A Misconception About Fat Cells

Most people are under the impression that fatty areas on the body are caused by an increase in fat cells in that specific area. The reality is that the fat cells merely grow in size as opposed to multiplying. Therefore, stubborn fat deposits are a result of large fat cells that do not respond to dietary changes and regular exercise. A surgical procedure can remove such a cell via an unnatural process that would leave scars on your body. The fat-freezing Cryo Laser-Lipo technology addresses the problem without the need to cut into the body at all. Therefore, the risks are far less, and the results are more natural.

How Does It Work?

The Cryo Laser-Lipo technology freezes fat cells on the treated location of the body. The frozen cells are metabolised by the body through the natural metabolising process. By freezing the cells, they are broken down and removed from the body over 6 to 12 weeks after treatment. Therefore, this treatment results in less fat cells on the treated location. As a result, you can expect a more sculpted and firmed up look and feel from the treated area.

This process is not guaranteed to make you lose weight. Rather, it is aimed at delivering a more sculpted and firm body by reducing fat cells in a natural fashion.

If you are suffering from stubborn fat deposits around the abdominal area of your body, regular liposuction can be a feasible way of addressing the problem. However, with the revolutionary Cryo Laser-Lipo technology , you can expect the same results without the drawbacks of going through surgery.

Therefore, the treatment is more streamlined and accessible to more people. Over the course of the following 6 to 12 weeks after receiving the treatment, the body will metabolise and work out the frozen fat cells to leave you looking and feeling better than before.

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