Ozone Therapy and Cancer

Cancer is a disease that has plagued the human race from the beginning of time. There have been many attempts to find a real and feasible cure for it, with chemotherapy being the conventional form of treatment today.

However, it has been proven that the lack of oxygen at cellular level is linked to the growth of cancer cells and tumours in the body.

Dr Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 when he discovered this link, concluding that healthy cells in the body require oxygen to flourish, while cancer cells cannot thrive in an environment that is properly oxygenated.

This medical breakthrough developed into an alternative treatment for cancer patients. Ozone therapy induces the body with Trioxide (O3) – an oxide that consists of 3 oxygen atoms and is most prominently found in the Earth’s Ozone layer. This oxide, or gas, has a light blue colour. It can be induced into the body through controlled Hyperthermia treatment, which the HOCATT™ Plus 10-in-1 Ozone Sauna can deliver as a part of its many functions.

Using Trioxide to Combat Cancer

Ozone treatment can serve as a feasible type of detoxification and rejuvenating treatment for cancer patients. By inducing the body with Ozone, it will impede any tumour growth by oxygenating the cells on and underneath your skin. This is done by enclosing your body in the HOCATT™ Plus 10-in-1 Ozone Sauna, which will push your body to a controlled state of hyperthermia. Hyperthermia occurs when your body reaches extreme levels of overheating, and immediate medical assistance is required when it occurs naturally. However, the HOCATT™ Plus 10-in-1 Ozone Sauna lets it happen in a controlled environment under supervision.

Apart from targeting tumour growth, Ozone therapy also offers other benefits for cancer patients. These include detoxification of the body through oxygenation of the cells. The oxygenation increases the blood and oxygen flow through your body to stimulate cells to a healthier state. This also strengthens a fragile immune system by promoting white-blood cell growth and detoxifying the body from pathogens such as heavy metals in the blood. Therefore, it can reduce the effect of toxic medication in the body, which is prominent for someone going through chemotherapy.

Ozone therapy is a healthy and suitable treatment for cancer patients across the world. It can assist with halting tumour growth and dealing with the side-effects of chemotherapy.

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