Ozone Treatment

The HOCATT™ Plus system offers a revolutionary approach to alternative health and beauty modalities.

This device delivers a multi-technology natural wellness chamber that features 10 different technologies that are packed into a single device. The name is an acronym for Hyper-thermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. This device has multiple functions to deliver treatments for anti-aging, weight-loss, detox, and overall wellness of the body. With different technologies working simultaneously to deliver quick results, the HOCATT™ Plus truly is a revolutionary step in alternative beauty and healthcare treatment.

How Does It Work?

The HOCATT™ Plus utilises a variety of treatment methods to promote a healthier bodily state. Ozone treatment involves the use of trioxygen that binds with pathogens in the human body. Transdermal Ozone treatment introduces the trioxygen into the blood, where oxidizable substrates react to it by binding with it. This type of treatment delivers a feasible method of removing harmful cells from the body.

The results are enhanced blood circulation, stimulated oxygen metabolism for your body, and killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi in its path.

The Hyper-thermic Aspect

Hyperthermia occurs when your body is dangerously overheated. This bodily state can occur in response to prolonged hot and humid conditions that your body is exposed to. The HOCATT™ Plus mimics this fever state to force the body into a natural detoxifying and healing process that will send a rush of oxygen and nutrients through your bloodstream. Within a controlled environment, with medical experts at the ready, this process can be a feasible method for your body to hit the proverbial reset button. Hyperthermia that occurs naturally can be very dangerous and would require immediate medical attention.

Please do not try this method of treatment without the HOCATT™ Plus and a trained professional.

Utilising More Technology

Other modalities include carbonic acid treatment, FDA-approved Micro Current technology, far infrared treatment, oxygen respiration, ultrasonic cavitation, photon colour light technology, oil infusions, and UV irradiation treatment. The result is a chamber that is revolutionising the way we approach alternative healthcare and beauty treatments.

Sessions last between 25 and 30 minutes, with improvements that can be noticed after only a single session. Therefore, the HOCATT™ Plus is your answer to a more healthy and beautiful body.

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